I have created this website to celebrate the history of Metalcraft toys. I have a huge photo museum of many Metalcraft toys. Some of the toys I have shown here are extremely hard to come by.

If you have MetalCraft toys you would like to sell, lease let me know. I buy individual toys or collections of terrific toys like these I have shown on my website. You can call me at 208-914-5729 or email me.

Metalcraft toys have been created with some of the best graphics out there. Examples like this Sunshine Biscuits show the terrific history represented in the graphics that were popular in the 30's and 40's.


metalcraft sunshine buscuits open truck





metalcraft Sunshine Biscuit Truck

Here is a Sunshine Biscuits Bakery Box truck, this truck also includes the name of the Loose Wiles Biscuit Company. This is a terrific Bright Yellow Box truck with the Beautiful Sunshine Biscuits Graphics.


The later versions of the sweetheart grills with working headlight have wonderful Deco styling to the trucks that make them hard to resist!

Beatrice Meadow Gold Metalcraft Truck